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Welcome to Reflexology Space London

A space to stop … breathe … and slowly unwind, as you are transported to a realm of blissful relaxation … far from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

A space created with you in mind … a space to be …

It is my mission to support you in overcoming health and wellbeing obstacles from the root source, empowering you to move forward, achieve your goals and enhance your health naturally, for long term positive change

Reflexology Space London offers bespoke treatments and packages for all ages, including those with disabilities or special needs. Choose from a menu of treatment options carefully crafted with you, supporting you in mind, body and spirit.

CBD Infused Reflexology

An exciting new fusion has been crafted here at Reflexology Space London, blending traditional reflexology techniques with luxurious, warm CBD massage oil, allowing individuals to experience benefits of hemp in a unique way.

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Official Wellness Partner

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Reflexology Space London is the Official Wellness Partner for London Canna Group and Europe Canna Expo

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