Baby Reflexology

baby reflex

Baby Reflexology

baby reflex

Baby Reflex

Baby Reflex is a form of specially adapted reflexology techniques created specifically for use with babies, infants, and toddlers from one month to three years (and on!)

These techniques were originally developed to enhance that natural loving bond between parent and child now considered essential to early child development, however, further development of the techniques has enabled parents to address many other normal and worrying baby and childhood ailments and discomforts in their own child.

Baby Reflex offers parents the opportunity to learn specialised gentle touch techniques under the guidance of a specially qualified practitioner, providing them with the benefits of a safe, non-invasive, drug free, and natural therapy that can be used with your child at anytime and anywhere.

Baby Reflex is easy and quick to learn, can aid your child’s sleep, is a tool available to you for a lifetime and can make family life during the early weeks and months after your baby’s arrival, less disturbed.

Baby Reflex Parent Training Workshops

About the Workshops

Our qualified Baby Reflex Practitioner offers 1:1 or group sessions through a series of 3 workshops, where you will discover various Baby Reflex techniques to enable you to treat your own baby or child whenever and wherever you like.

Each workshop is themed to include techniques for use to aid; sleeping and comforting; feeding and digesting; and general wellbeing. All techniques have been simplified, making it easier for you to learn, remember and then use with your own baby or child.

All workshops are fully interactive, allowing you to bond with your baby whilst you learn, and as Baby reflex requires no creams, lotions or oils, there is no need to undress your baby or child before a treatment.

What’s Included

Once your booking is confirmed you will be provided with a parent pack which details all course information and written instructions for the techniques.

Colour coded charts and handouts will be provided at each workshop for you to keep for easy reference, as well as ‘dolly feet’ for practical use during each session and a little bag of goodies to take home.

You will also be awarded a certificate on completion of all 3 workshops.

Course Attendance

The course is covered in three weekly sessions lasting approximately 60-90 minutes depending on group size. You will need to commit to attending all 3 sessions to complete the course.

An optional Zoom follow up is also offered on completion of the course at no extra charge.