CBD Infused Reflexology

An exciting new fusion has been crafted here at Reflexology Space London, blending traditional reflexology techniques with luxurious, warm CBD massage oil, allowing individuals to experience benefits of the hemp plant in a unique way.

What is CBD reflexology?

CBD infused reflexology combines all elements of traditional reflexology, with the natural benefits of hemp CBD.

Deep levels of relaxation are reached as warm oil is gently massaged onto your feet. The oil absorbs gently through your skin, influencing receptors within your cutaneous endocannabinoid system, relieving stress and tension as well as offering a wide variety of outcomes.

Reflexology with CBD offers a unique and unconventional way of addressing physical and emotional wellbeing and is the only wellbeing experience to add a little hemp to your step.

  • 60 minutes £50
  • Courses of treatments with discounted packages available
  • It is recommended that loose comfortable clothing is worn
  • Please allow up to 30 minutes extra for initial consultation during your first appointment

What is CBD?

CBD is causing quite a stir among scientists, health professionals and the general population, due to its therapeutic properties. CBD or Cannabidiol belongs to a family of compounds called cannabinoids. CBD is one of over 100 plant-based cannabinoids found within the hemp plant, and is the non-intoxicating component of the plant with enormous potential to advance our understanding of health and disease (CBD is 100% legal and should not be confused with its counterpart THC).

Cannabinoids such as CBD interact and influence a vast network of receptors within the human body regulating homeostasis. The full extent of this interaction is yet unknown, but some research indicates it may positively influence basic physiological functions such as mood, memory, appetite, pain and sleep.

Learn more about CBD and CBD products here.

I discovered the incredible healing properties of CBD whilst researching alternatives to help my cat and haven’t looked back (read about my journey with CBD here).

Today, I am a passionate advocate for the legal hemp industry, I work in partnership with The Europe Canna Expo at large London events, and offer free consultations to help you understand hemp products and what may suit you. Please use contact form for further information.