Our burn bundles of delight are crafted with lavender handpicked in the wonderfully fragrant fields of Hitchin. They come adorned with white sage and crystals sourced from a visit to Glastonbury and are lovingly infused with reiki.

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  • Pure Lavender Smudge
  • Lavender and White Sage Smudge
  • Pure Lavender Smudge with Selenite Crystal
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Together, sacred plants and crystals form the perfect fusion to cleanse any person or space.

Lavender aids cleansing, restores balance, creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and encourages deep relaxation. Lavender also invites loving energies and spirits and safeguards from heavier energies

Sage cleanses, purifies, and helps to release stagnant and negative energies and influences from people and spaces.

Selenite is said to bring protection, harmony and soul healing to your mind, body, and home. It’s a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, dispels negative energy, and enhances mental clarity and wellbeing.

*All bundles are 100% natural and are handcrafted using lavender, sage, crystals, and organic string. They are different shapes and sizes depending on the harvest — no two bundles will be the same.

How to use

To use a burn bundle/smudge stick, light the end and gently blow out the flame once lit adequately. Ensure a fire safe bowl is used to catch any falling ash or embers, and that room is adequately ventilated. Extinguish in fire safe bowl or a small amount of water.

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Burn Bundles

Lavender and White Sage, Pure Lavender, Pure Lavender with Selenite Crystal